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About Us

Why Eco Junction?

Just look around your home and the local environment because every day you can see the effects of people using Toxic chemicals.

This includes the use of cleaning and laundry products right through to body washes, skin care and pet care.

Removing these toxic chemicals is essential to have a healthier body, life and home while also reducing your impact on the environment.

Our range is nontoxic, eco-friendly and sustainable.
At Eco Junction, you can feel happy and confident about your choices.
Tri Nature has done all the research and development so all you need to do is use the products.
This simple choice will help change the ‘health’ of your family and your home, not to mention that you will also save some money because the products are so concentrated.

About Benita.

Benita taught at an Adelaide Metropolitan High School until the birth of her first son.

She has always been passionate about the environment, globally, locally and in people’s homes.
This became even more important once her children were born so she opted, where possible, to exclusively use nontoxic, ecofriendly and sustainable products.

Benita was shown the Tri Nature range in the early 90’s and subsequently fell in love with them.
She became so passionate about the Tri Nature range that, once her Parenting Leave ran out from her teaching job, she opted to resign and build a Tri Nature business.

This choice meant that she was now able to be a ‘stay at home mum’.
The benefits of this were far reaching because this allowed her to further detox her own home, reduce her family’s footprint on the environment and then have the opportunity to help other people to do the same.